• CNC milling
• CNC turning
• Wire EDM
• Grinding (plane, hole mantle, coordinate)
• Conventional machine cutting (milling, turning)

  •  • Custom, small and medium series component production
     Manufacture of wear and replacement parts for production lines and automated  service systems 
  •  • Manufacture of appliances and components
  • Complete production of assembly and sorting devices for custom-designed workstations.
    Complete components for pneumatic and hydraulic workstations on automated production l ines. 
  •  Manufacture of workpiece holding and positioning devices and components for production lines and workstations. 
  •  • Manufacture of control devices and precision devices
  •  Custom-sized manual precision inspection devices for use on production lines. (Eg fork gauges, flat gauges.)
  •  Manufacture of visual precision devices for checking the completion of a given technology on workpieces (eg camera testers).
  •  Custom measuring devices for easy and fast use.
  •  Precision measuring instruments for series production on production lines.
  •  • Manufacture of pneumatic and hydraulic assembly and gripping units
  •  • Manufacture of press tools and custom tool elements
  •  • Our activities include prototype production in the field of research and development (R&D).
  •  Our products and the services we provide are used in the automotive industry.
  •  We carry out the cooperation with external companies with the production technologies that our company does not have. This allows us to provide a complete service to our customers regarding our products.

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